We share feedback with each other regularly

We have a process to hire the right talent as we scale

We appreciate each other’s good work

Our team members grow along with the org

We are all aligned towards a common goal

CommunicationWe communicate openly and freely

We are clear about the values/ behaviours that make us special

I have regular 1:1s with my team

We value the opinions of all team members

Please take a moment to share your details before we reveal the results

Everyone in the org receives feedback at least twice a month from me, their manager or a peer

We have a sharply defined way to measure culture fit in our hiring process

We celebrate wins and reflect on failures in our all hands meetings (at least once a month)

75% of early team members have grown to handle roles of higher scale and complexity

At least 90% of the org is aligned to our company's quarterly goals

Employees can share their thoughts freely without being judged

All the team members who joined us in the last 2 months know about the values that make us special

At least once in 2 weeks between managers and team members

There are enough instances where we took a different decision because of inputs from the team

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