Stress Test 1: High quality People machinery

Stress Test 2: Scalable Operating Leaders

Stress Test 3: Governance Rigour

Stress Test 4: Clarity on value & cost of Ops

Stress Test 5: Mid and Long-term Design Capabilities

Stress Test 6: Code Red processes

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I have high quality People factory across hiring, training and people management that allows easy scaling & great customer experience

I have strong operating leaders and they can scale with the business over the next 2-3 years

My Operations are driven with a lot of rigour each day through the right real-time dashboards and metrics

The overall understanding of Operating Cost and its biggest levers is very good and we are making good progress each quarter on them

I have a clear roadmap on the top long term initiatives needed in Operations for scalability & experience and we have high caliber Design folks owning them

We have the right processes to avoid and manage High Severity issues e.g. Sexual harassment or physical harm to a customer

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